The Pomorskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne (PTG), which in English translates to the Pomeranian Genealogical Association, was founded by a group of amateur genealogists who had known each other only from discussion groups.
They met together in person June 15, 2005. The initiators of the establishment of an association at that time were: Anna Stachowska, Joanna Jendrzejewska and Stanislaw Pieniazek.
After many discussions, in April 2011 decision was taken to establish a registered PTG, which was a continuation of the idea of association. It was registered in the National Court Register at July 6th, 2011.

The ancestors of most of us lived in Gdansk Pomerania, but above all, we share a passion for searching for our own roots.
We came up with the slogan: "If you want something to be done for you, you should do something for others first"
Our monthly meetings are held every second Saturday of the month. During such meetings we are discussing about current activities of the Society and also take time to share our members’ genealogical achievements. We are also inviting guests with interesting presentations related to Pomerania, its history and genealogy.
We cooperate with the Diocesan Archives in Pelplin. Many books of vital records from Pomerania are stored there. We are indexing them and subsequently publishing on our website.
We also photographing and indexing tombstones in cemeteries in our area.
Such indexes will fill our cemeteries database.
As an open association, we are not closing the door and we are open to anyone who is interested in genealogy, just as we are.
We are happy to answer all
Where to find us?

Detailed information how to reach us physically are available on our website:
We are also publishing articles from a genealogy area. An important part of our site is a forum where members have the opportunity to comment and ask questions.

We usually meet on the second Saturday of each month at 10.00 at Tadeusza Kosciuszki 19 street, 81-759 Sopot, in parish NMP Gwiazdy Morza.

PTG function members:

list will be updated soon...


 Janusz Groth
- chairman
Michal Wysocki - vice-chairman, koordynator indeksów cmentarzy
  Dominik Pactwa - treasurer, board member
 Aleksandra Wajgiert - board member
Jaroslaw Bielinski
- board member
   Katarzyna Nalazek -
 koordynator indeksow ksiag metrykalnych z AD Pelplin
 Janusz Pawelczyk - Koordynator digitalizacji w AP Gdansk
 Leszek Nierzwicki
- Koordynator indeksow z AP Gdansk