The last years of XIX century and beginning of XX century caused a common gainful emigration of the poorer parts of our society. The political system made it difficult or sometimes prevented us from keeping in touch with the country and visiting relatives in our ancestral land. The fall of the Iron Curtain, easier passport formalities and Internet communication have made it easier than ever to learn about our ancestors or to visit places of their lives.

Nowadays, genealogy has more and more followers. It is worth mentioning that many teenagers are interested in genealogy and it is the fact that the lessons of genealogy are taught from the first classes of the primary school.

Genealogy has been indentified for centuries with the family crests of the gentlemen who had the centuries-old roots. Nowadays, it becomes a common aspiration to remind ourselves of our families’ history regardless of our background.

With the establishment of the Pomeranian Genealogical Association (PTG) we want to pass on and save the stunning and amazing part of our history that genealogy shows us. We want to be present at schools, in archives during Open Days, on radio and television and also in daily newspapers for sharing everywhere our experience with others.

We want to propagate genealogy and encourage all beginners of genealogy with active help regardless of their and their ancestors’ background and their religion.

We will try to make a proper contact with state and diocese archives and make our activities as digitalizing and indexing are for taking care about documents which should be saved for next generations. We want to develop awareness of historical documents invaluable value which should be preserved in a good condition for a long time. We will encourage our members to share their achievements and help less advanced genealogists by being on the various discussion groups.

The Pomerania Genealogical Association (PTG) is an open organization for all and we expect it to stay that way. It is an organization for all admirers of genealogy from various society groups regardless of education, religion or background. We hope that with its activity and with the popularity of genealogy that PTG becomes an important feature in our country.