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Rumia - Kreft/Krefft Family [wiadomość #19255] sob, 29 padziernika 2022 02:24 Przejdź do następnej wiadomości
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Hello. I hope I’m doing this right.

Greetings from Michigan! I am the descendant of Johann Krefft and his wife, Maria Behlau of Rumia through their son, Johann Christian Kreft and his wife, Anna Czappa. I do know that Johann (Sr) had children Johann, Anton Franz, August, Mary, Julia and Josephine. I know that their sibling, Wilhelmina, died in Rumia at age 8 and that Maria Behlau Krefft died in 1868 in Rumia. The listed children (except Anton Franz) made it to Michigan. I was told there was also a daughter named Brigeda, but I do not know if that is true. Johann (Jr) and Anna Czappa are my maternal great great grandparents through their son, Anthony Frank Kreft. They arrived in the United States through Baltimore around 1887 and lived in Detroit.

I am trying to locate any descendants of Johann Krefft and Maria Behlau in Rumia. I would also like to know if they are buried there or were graves reused? Also looking for old family photographs and documents about their lives and families, if possible.

I am so sorry I do not read or speak Polish. I wish I had paid more attention when my grandmother was alive.

Thank you in Advance.

The KreftKeeper
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Try using this site

I see they married in 1852 Rumia

Here is the list of kids August Johann Anton Julianna ..
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