Instruction for cemeteries indexing

Pomeranian cemeteries indexing project is one of the main Pomeranian Genealogical Association activities as our members obligate to do for all genealogists over the world. We hope that increasing of number our Association will bring faster results in our project which takes pleasure for all researchers interested in these area.
Pomeranian cemeteries indexing project is coordinated by Michał Wysocki

Main cemetery information

We collect information, which are easy available to gain, the test can be add later.

  • Cemetery location:
    • Place, for instance: village Kłodawa, gm. Trąbki Wielkie, pow. gdański, woj. pomorskie.
    • Address or description which help in gaining information which help us to know geographic coordinates after finding cemetery at the map.
    • Geographic coordinates of cemetery centre in format 18° 6' 9,699'' E 53° 50' 4.3'' N.
  • Cemetery administration:
    • Office address.
    • Email
    • Link to website
  • Cemetery type: Catholic, municipal, Evangelic, military, Jewish, or the other.
  • Links to website with description of this cemetery.
  • Cemetery plan, in the GIF or the PNG format, with marked plots/sections and numbered graves.
  • Date of making index (photographing graves).
  • Additional information, for instance is opened or closed.

Cemetery photographing

It is advised to make at least handwriting cemetery plan with plots/sections and with location of the graves to make it easy in future to assign the number with the photo of grave.

  • We are photographing every grave, even destroyed without gravestone and description
  • It is advised to make photos in order of grave numbers
  • We are photographing, only one grave on one picture. It is advised to make the second photo with details of inscription on the gravestone and eventually the third with close-up of the photo if it is on the grave.
  • I would be good that the flowers and lights do not cover text on the grave in time of photographing

Cemetery indexing

Cemeteries are indexed with using MS Excel sheet which looks like below:


CmentarzKwateraNr grobuNazwiskoImięNazwisko panieńskieData ur.Data zg.Pozycja nagrobkaZdjęciaUwagi


You can download form from our website.


Cmentarz (Cemetery)

Cemetery name - in case when there is only one cemetery there should be village name. But when one place has a few cemeteries we must call it in clear and unique way.

Kwatera (Plot/Section)

Plot/Section number - if there are no plots/sections we leave it clear but if the cemetery is big we have to assign our own way of sections with using of numbers and letters.

Nr grobu (Grave number)

Grave number on cemetery – if there are a few person in one grave then we use the same value in "Nr grobu” for records of the people in such case.

Nazwisko (Surname)

Surname of buried person – if it is unreadable or unknown we leave it clean.

Imię (Name)

Imię of buried person – if it is unreadable or unknown we leave it clean.

Nazwisko panieńskie (Maiden name)

Maiden name of buried person – if it is unknown we leave it clean.

Data ur. (Date of birth)

Date of birth of buried person (if on the grave), advised European style in format (for instance 10.04.2008). If there is only age instead of this information we write it to “uwagi”. If unknown we leave it clean.

Data zg. (Date of death)

Date of death of buried person, advised European style in format (as above). If unknown we leave it clean.

Pozycja nagrobka (Location of grave)

Coordinates of grave (its middle) on the map of cemetery and size of the grave, separated by minus.We leave this field clean during indexing. It will be added later after making a detailed plan of the cemetery. Later, it should include three numbers, separate by minus: coordinate X, coordinate Y and radius of circle which circumscribe the grave. All this coordinates are written in pixels. For instance: 100-240-10

Zdjęcia (Photos)

The names of the files are divided by colon for instance:


Uwagi (Others)

We can add hear extra information from the grave inscription, information about interment of more people or about photo on the grave and other additional data.