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07.2008 - The article about genealogy in Gość Niedzielny (Sunday Guest)

"Looking for ancestors became so popular today as finding schoolmates at portal Nasza Klasa  But it is much more exciting"  – with these words it is staring the article about genealogy which was published in the middle of July in Gość Niedzielny (Sunday Guest).

13 July there was published next issue of Catholic weekly magazine Gość Niedzielny (Sunday Guest). At the cover there is a pihoto of 18 centry church book, in the background family tree of Bonaparte family and all included in the article titled Znajdź swoich przodków (Find your ancestors).

The note about the topic can be just found just in the prelude from the executive editor the Rev. Markek Garncarczyk. We can read: "The communists had one main talent - destroying. Everything they touched was destroyed.  They also  destroyed out roots. They work also very hard to make people not to know their ancestors unless they were communist ancestors.  But as it is known there was not too much. For several dozen years of PRL in many families have remained the memory about their ancestors. (...) Luckily, after 1989 have begun a real renaissance of our roots research." Then, the author mentioned among others about family research in Internet and about Genpol and finnally he came to disscussion about looking for the faith roots.

Despite the fact that the people in article came from nobilious familes it is very important article to all interested in looking for family roots, especially that this article was published in the Catholic magazine. What is the most important that it is next article who can encourage to look for our family's history

The whole article can be read at the website of Gość Niedzielny.

Anna Maria Krzyżankowska

Translated by Grzegorz Brzoskowski